Baba Boogie and The Berkeley Broads

"No one, but no one, has anything like this." ~ Gloria Steinem

Grandmothers Get Superpowers

The Animated Series by
Z. Budapest and Friends

Do you enjoy stories where women get the life they want and and the wonders they deserve?

Imagine two magical old women — Baba Boogie and Baba Zsuzsi — who inhabit the realm of Ether, where there are no distances and no impossibilities.

Baba Boogie and the Berkeley Broads is animation show for grown ups who enjoy subversive political satire with an edge.

Baba Boogie is a magical character who is very old. She longs for rest. All her friends have passed on. But she cannot die until she finds like minded women in the new generation to receive her super powers.

Baba Zsuzsi on the other hand, loves being alive, and doesn't want to live in Ether. She wants to live on the planet. Baba Zsuzsi is still learning how to live independently from her powers.

The Berkeley Broads are activists who have a nasty encounter with the police. They call out to the Ether for help and when Baba Boogie responds, she finds a marvelous group of candidates to teach.

The Berkeley Broads

Introducing The four Broads: Max, and Jill, and Georg, and Rehab.

Baba is posing for them for a class reunion.

Once upon a time there were four women who went to a Peace demonstration. The march for Peace was against the political status .The police were ordered out to disperse them. They thrown gas bombs at them, turned on the water to freeze them, and push them into the police van. This is where they met for the first time. The women became good friends and made a pledge to keep in touch. This is their story how they held together and managed to find a Elder teacher who teaches them superpowers. In their old age the Broads engage in many struggles, Political and personal, create a community with orphans and the elderly, students and mothers.

If you are interested in their stories, please share out this posting. It takes a lot of money to create feminist animation.

Gloria Steinem liked us and donated good money to develop our premise. Animation is still not benefited from feminism. I think we are first.

We need everybody. More artists, producers, directors and writers. Marketers!

We also need a few women of Means.

May your help be repaid by the Fates. Create good karma by helping this animation make it to a pilot.

Blessed be.

The Team

Z Budapest

Rooted in deep European Mythology, Zsuzsanna Budapest, Writer and Goddess Organizer, wants to bring back the stories of Grandmothers who can fly in cauldrons like Baba Yaga or bring the snowflakes as Hulda of the North. Filled with goodwill towards the women alive at all ages. An international Grandma society emerges from the friends and likeminded grannies they encounter.

After having published 14 books on Women's Spirituality, nine of them still in print, I like to try my hand and mind and sense of humor on the celebration of old women...Help spread the word!

Jakki Moore

Jakkie Moore is my artist partner, who lives in Norway, winters in Bulgaria. We never met because we need money to come together, but we had been networking thanks to the Internet.

Her characters are funny with a whimsical humor which I enjoy. Music as well we treat as a character, and it ads to the impact of the feeling we create with our images and stories.